ice2ice – ERC Synergy grant on “Arctic Sea Ice and Greenland Ice Sheet Sensitivity” (ERC 2014-2019)

Principal investigators: Kerim H. Nisancioglu (UiB), Eystein Jansen (UiB), Bo Vinther (UCPH), and Jens H. Christensen (DMI)

You can watch a short (2min) intro video we made about the project here:

inspired to see more? Check out rest of the ice2ice videos on our news blogg

EISCLIM – Eurasian Ice Sheet and Climate interactions: Reconstructing and modelling the climate and ice sheet evolution of the last glacial cycle (NFR POLARPROG 2014-2017)

ClimVoTe – Coupled climate, volcanism, and ocean tectonics in deep time (NFR ISP-GEOFAG 2015-2020)

SiU – Partners in Higher Education – Ice, ocean, atmosphere interactions (SiU NorAm 2012-2015)

Turspor – Formidling av geofag ute i naturen (Sparebankstiftelse 2015-2017)

DYNAWARM – Dynamics of past warm climates (SKD)

Past4Future – Climate change – Learning from the past climate (EU FP7)

SiU – Norwegian-American partnership in climate research (SiU NorAM 2008-2011)

NICE – Network for Ice sheet and Climate evolution (EU ITN 2007-2010)

ARECTREC – Arctic records of climate change – dynamics, feedbacks and processes (NFR NORKLIMA 2007-2011)

Ice2Ice from UiB – Universitetet i Bergen on Vimeo.